EMMETT, Idaho -- Ron Rekow has been cutting hair on Main Street in Emmett for decades. The barber is passionate about his work and at 93 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down.

His techniques and tools are simple, but that's OK.

I'm an old guy, you know, says Rekow. I started in 1941.

The Emmett native went to barber school in Boise before getting drafted in World War II.

Engineer gunner on a B-24 bomber, the 93-year-old adds.

But he didn't stop cutting hair while he was stationed in New Guinea.

That's a 500-pound bomb crate, he says, pointing to an old photo that shows Rekow cutting a soldier's hair while sitting on top of the crate.

The veteran still has the old school clippers he used during the war. Those clippers are retired, but Ron isn't.

Each morning he still turns on an old boombox and waits for customers to stop by.

They don't tell me anything, they just come in and get in the chair and I cut their hair, Rekow says of his customers.

Eli Cabrera is relatively new to Rekow's chair, but he gets how it works.

He just cuts it, says Cabrera.

And Ron does, with an eye for detail and still steady hands.

I'm not thinking about anything but that hair, the barber adds.

A haircut at this shop will cost you just $10. Customers leave happy, and the work keeps Ron happy, too.

The two days I have off on the weekend I get bored and I need something to do, he says. If that old boy up there is willing and I'm able, I'll probably be here for a long time.

Because even after seven decades of cutting hair, Ron Rekow isn't ready to hang up his scissors yet.

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