NAMPA -- A Canyon County neighborhood is on high alert after authorities say a man attempted to lure two kids into his van.

It happened Sunday just before 5 p.m. at an intersection of Cherry Lane and Northside Boulevard.

One mother we talked to had seen the two boys playing across the street and couldn't believe it when she learned they could have been victims.

It makes you think for sure, what your surroundings are, knowing those situations, where your kids are and the knowledge they are getting, said Chelsey Jones.

The Canyon County Sheriff s Office says the two kids involved had that knowledge.

Capt. Dana Maxfield says the 9 and 11-year-old boys were playing soccer in a neighbor s yard when the man pulled up and asked for directions.

They say he also asked them to get in his van and show him how to get to Middleton.

Fortunately the boys said no and told their parents.

They also got a description of the van when it drove by a second time.

Maxfield says their investigators are now working to find the suspect, who could be charged with child enticement.

When you are asking children for directions, that's odd in itself, but to ask them to get in to a van and show you how to get somewhere, that's a red flag, said Maxfield.

The suspect is described as between 40 and 50 years old with long gray hair, a gray beard, and glasses.

Authorities say he is driving an older style blue mini-van, similar to a Dodge Caravan, with damage to the front right area.

The sheriff s office says they are working very hard on this case.

They do have solid leads and hope to catch the man responsible just as soon as they can.

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