MARSING -- A man being pursued by police ran into Marsing High School Thursday morning. After the incident, KTVB pushed for answers from school administrators about the security breach.

Marsing Superintendent Norm Stewart says the district policy is that all side doors to all three schools should be locked at all times.

Stewart says they're now investigating exactly what went wrong.

Meanwhile, parents of students at Marsing High School were scared when they learned about the incident.

Mary Gonzalez has a senior at the school.

It's absolutely terrifying, when he said he was in lockdown, I said, 'What? What are you talking about? said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said she's concerned that the suspect, William Calvillo, somehow got in through a door that should have been locked.

That's kind of scary, I'm not sure how to react to that, said Gonzalez.

Stewart says authorities locked down the school after Calvillo was inside.

Owyhee County Sheriff Perry Grant admits there were problems with the process of securing the school.

We were able to get the school on lockdown, but either the lockdown didn't occur on time or one door was left cracked open to where the suspect could get in, so we still have some work to do on our procedures, said Grant.

The elementary, middle, and high school were all locked down.

Once the intruder entered the building, officers were notified and then calls were made to all buildings, for all buildings to go into lockdown at that point, said Stewart.

Stewart explains that means the teachers secured students in their room.

But the sheriff's office says Calvillo did poke his head into at least one classroom, went upstairs, and left his coat and car keys in a men's bathroom.

Then, he walked out another entrance where he was arrested.

But Stewart says Calvillo never should have gotten in since all three schools on campus have a policy to keep all side doors locked.

Stewart says they're trying to figure out why the door was open, whether a student left it cracked, or there was an issue with the lock.

All the exits of the building are supposed to be locked every day, with the exception of the main entrance, and so somehow he was able to gain entrance into one of those doors that is locked and supposed to be secured, said Stewart.

Stewart admits the experience was frightening and also admits the school needs to discuss ways to improve their procedures.

He says keeping the students safe is the district's top priority.

It's concerning and that's where as an administrative team and an entire staff, we've really got to take some time, and even as you walk through take a quick glance and make sure that door is closed, said Stewart.

The superintendent says the school does have security cameras inside and the district is now reviewing that video.

We've learned Calvillo did not make contact with any of the students.

The school does have security cameras inside and the district is now reviewing that video, to find out exactly where the suspect went, and how they can improve their school safety.

The superintendent met with all school district staff Monday afternoon to discuss what happened and ways to improve their security procedures.

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