NEWYORK - We're getting a first look at Team USA's opening ceremony uniforms.

That includes cardigans, knit hats, and boots designed by Ralph Lauren and made in the USA. That's in response to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics where members of Congress and the media slammed uniforms that were mostly made in China.

That's why designer Ralph Lauren is making sure the made-in-the-USA message can't be missed.

For example, these beautiful cardigans will be worn by team USA during the opening ceremony in Sochi.

According to the designer, the clothing items are a direct reflection of American craftsmanship, featuring wool from Oregon that was spun in Pennsylvania and North Carolina and knit in California.

Ralph Lauren admits finding the more than 40 American partners needed to make everything was a challenge. However, he also says promoting a product made in the USA is worth it.

Due to the high cost of making the domestic designs, the gear isn't cheap. For example, the patchwork quilt cardigan emblazoned with US symbols costs close to $600. Meanwhile, the alpine black leather boots cost about $400. Most of the pieces are limited edition, and some are already sold out.

You can buy the gear at and online in the Team USA Shop.

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