BOISE-- An indeterminate number of licensed practical nurses have been let go from the nonprofit Elks Rehab Hospital in Boise due to reorganization of services.

While the number is less than 20, hospital staff wouldn't specify exactly how many employees lost their jobs on Friday.

Elks Rehab Hospital Director of MarketingBob Jaundalderis said the reductions were part of the hospital's ongoing commitment to provide the best patient care at the most economical cost.

The folks have been notified today, and it's less than 20 positions, all licensed practical nurses within the inpatient unit of the hospital here at the Elks Rehab System, Jaundalderis said.

The hospital will reassign other staff members to help cover the eliminated positions.

By reducing these positions, we felt like we could absorb their duties, and continue providing the best care possible, Jaundalderis added.

Elks Rehab Hospital was established in 1947 to help patients recover from polio. The inpatient facility now focuses on outpatient therapy services, movement disorders, stroke and brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and other illnesses.

Several other clinics in the Elks Rehab System focus on hearing and balance, internal medicine, and wound care.

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