BOISE -- We are learning more about a bizarre bus crash that occurred in downtown Boise.

Crews spent the day trying to remove the pillar that was crushed Monday morning when the ValleyRide bus on route number 4 slammed into it.

Fortunately, the accident didn't affect the structural stability of the Idaho Power building.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues into how this could have happened.

It was a terrifying ride for those on board the bus.

Valley Regional Transit tells us it appears the brakes weren't working, so the driver swerved off the road at 13th and Main streets, through a parking lot, plowing down a sign, and several trees, before crashing into the building.

The bus slammed into a pillar at Idaho Power that is hanging above the ramp to a loading dock.

Something of this magnitude is extremely rare, I've been here 11 years and there's nothing comparable to it, said Mark Carnopis, spokesman for Valley Regional Transit.

Valley Regional Transit says fortunately no on was hurt, but now they want to know how this happened.

Carnopis says he doesn't know exactly the last time this particular bus was inspected, but says the bus had no previous issues.

No, not that we are aware of, the buses go through every 3,000 miles, according to Veolia standards, they go through safety inspections, said Carnopis.

Veolia is the company who maintains the ValleyRide buses and contracts the drivers.

Carnopis says each of the 24 Boise buses goes through a thorough check every 4 to 6 weeks.

The buses are brought in for a complete safety inspection, which does include, one of the specific purposes is to fail check all safety-sensitive systems which could potentially take the control of the vehicle away from the operator, said Carnopis.

The bus driver is currently on administrative leave with pay and he will be on leave until the investigation is complete.

Carnopis says the Idaho State Police did an initial investigation on the bus, and now Boise Police will do a more thorough check.

There is video from inside the bus and surveillance video from Idaho Power that we're told will be released when the investigation is complete.

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