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ADA COUNTY -- The Ada County Highway District is ready for January, and whatever winter weather it may bring.

On Tuesday, crews were preparing for potential overnight snow in the valley. ACHD's strategy is to get in front of the storm, and they want to get the magnesium chloride de-icing liquid on the ground before the snow falls. The magnesium chloride helps keep the snow from turning to ice and sticking to the road.

A skeleton crew of ACHD supervisors work throughout the night when there is weather on the way to the Treasure Valley. They watch the weather, and make a call on whether or not to bring in road crews.

With the drier winter thus far in the Treasure Valley, ACHD is fully stocked on supplies and ready for the rest of the season.

The budget's flush and our anti-icer tanks are topped off and we got a mountain of sand, said ACHD chief information officer Craig Quintana. So it's all good at this point, because we really haven't had that big of a weather event so far.

Quintana said they saw this storm coming in advance, so they had time to prepare their trucks. They're all locked and loaded at this point, filled to brimming with both the magnesium chloride and the sand.

Quintana encourages those who find a problem spot on the roads to contact ACHD at 208-387-6100 or email them at

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