NAMPA -- More than 1,000 people toured Saint Alphonsus' new Neonatal ICU, maternity center, and heart center in Canyon County Saturday. Outgoing Nampa Mayor, Tom Dale, cut the ribbon on the $30 million facility. It will open for patients soon, to allow folks to get more medical care in Canyon County.

The Birkeland maternity center is named for a doctor who delivered more than 5,000 babies.

The reality is most of the people that will receive their care here will have normal newborns and have zero problems, said Karl Keeler, CEO of Saint Alphonsus Nampa. But if you do need the care, we will have the neonatologists, we will have the high-level technology and care to care for that baby if it does need care.

The new center houses the only neonatal intensive care unit in Canyon County. It is also the home to a heart center, offering cardiac services at all hours.

They say in heart, time is muscle and heart still is the number one killer in the country, said Keeler. One in five men, and it's the number one killer for women.

They hope having the heart center in Canyon County will shorten service times.

That's one of the reasons why we chose this location. All-around access, and so the sooner you can get those vessels open again within your heart and get blood moving throughout your body, as well as to the heart muscle, the better outcome you are going to have, said Keeler.

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