McCall, Idaho -- Known for its uncrowded terrain, consistent powder, and budget-friendly prices, McCall has long flown under the radar when it comes to major skiing destinations.

However, Idaho's hidden winter playground on the shores of Payette Lake isn't exactly a secret. Skiers, snowboarders, and a host of other recreationist have been coming here for years to enjoy perhaps the most consistent snowpack in the state.

Now, the (snow)cat is officially out of the bag because NationalGeographic has McCall seated at the top of its Secret Ski Towns list published today online.

The article describes the region as best for powderhound families with a taste for soft snow.

Obviously, the highlight here is Brundage Mountain, and its cat-skiing opportunties on over 17,000 acres of Idaho Wilderness. Mention is made of nearby Tamarack resort too.

However, NationalGeographic also details such local spots as the Salmon River Brewery, Gold Fork Hot Springs, and Ponderosa State Park.

While other towns, such as Mt. Shasta, CA and Glacier,WA made the list, it's safe to say Idaho's hidden gem could be the least well-known among them.

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