BOISE -- Monday marks the deadline to get signed up for a plan on Idaho's healthcare exchange, if you want to be covered by January 1st.

So how is the sign up going, so far?

We talked with one Boise woman about her experience signing up for a plan.

I was really excited, said Donna Yule. So, I tried in first couple days of October.

Yule, like many Idahoans back in October, tried to sign up for a healthcare plan on the state's new healthcare exchange, Your Health Idaho. It didn't go well.

(I) just ... couldn't get anywhere.

And Yule said time was of the essence.

Do you remember when people were talking about the scary letters they were getting, that their policies were going to be canceled? Well, I got one of those letters.

So, she tried again last month.

And, it was just the difference between night and day, said Yule It just worked really well.

She says it took her about 25 minutes, and that she won't miss her old plan.

I'm still on it until January 1st, and it's gone up to $325-a-month, for just me, for a fairly high-deductible policy, that isn't worth much.

Her new plan is from the same provider, but saves her more than 100-dollars-a-month.

Way cheaper and a way better plan than I had before.

Donna had one complaint, and it's a complaint we've heard from other Idahoans. After Yule enrolled in her plan, she was confused about how she'd pay for it.

But, she got a letter the next week from her provider with all that information.

Again, today is the sign up deadline if you want to be covered on January 1st. But, Idahoans have until March 31st to be enrolled in a plan, whether that's keeping their current plan or enrolling in with Your Health Idaho.

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