NAMPA -- Micron Foundation leaders made a big announcement today.

The group is donating close to $400,000 to help improve technology and infrastructure at the new Nampa public library.

You feel the excitement in the community. We feel the excitement from our patrons, said library director Mark Rose. To see what it's really going to be.

Builders broke ground on the project just six months ago.

A tree-topping ceremony was held to celebrate the progress.

It is the right thing to be doing here on this block, said Nampa Mayor Tom Dale.

As the final piece of steel was lowered into place, project managers and community members had another reason to celebrate.

A technology donation of $380,000, said Dee Mooney, executive director of the Micron Foundation.

Micron Foundation leaders say the group is investing in the new Nampa public library to make it a functional community space.

Make sure that the technology in the building is going to meet the needs of the community, said Mooney.

Mooney says the modern library isn't just for books.

But they really are becoming a community center as well for people to come get on the Internet, look for jobs, said Mooney.

Rose says a new library is needed because Nampa is growing.

We're now over 80,000 people, said Rose. It is so hard to find a parking place, it is so hard to find a place to sit in the library.

He says money from the Micron Foundation will make this new building even more valuable.

Because of their donation we're going to be able to put the kind of equipment in here, it is going to allow us to operate this much larger space with a similar size staff, said Rose. Just extremely grateful that they see the value of our project.

The new Nampa public library will be three times the size of the current one, and is scheduled to open in 2015.

And part of the multi-million dollar project is a new parking garage to accommodate more visitors.

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