COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho The planning commission approved plans to expand the Coeur d Alene Resort on Tuesday night. The plans were presented by representatives from the Hagadone Corporation.

John Barlow, a consultant for Hagadone, said initial reports that the resort wanted to expand to where the shops are near 2nd and Sherman were not true.

We would eventually like to do that, but right now there's no plans. The issue is really about safety. We have no financial incentive in the project other than we want to give back to the community. We just upgraded the front of the resort two years ago. This will probably cost around a million dollars, said Barlow.

Hagadone pitched plans showing a major upgrade to its front entrance of the Coeur d Alene Resort.

Another goal is to move the Centennial Trail that runs in front of the Coeur d'Alene Resort closer to Sherman Avenue.

A former city councilman and current chairman of the Centennial Trail Foundation said the project is not controversial. He said he would like the trail to be 16 feet wide while the Hagadone Corporation would like to see it 14 feet wide.

A third goal of the project would be to eliminate the parking pod in front of the Hagadone headquarters. Construction would start in 2014 if the project receives approval.

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