NAMPA -- It's an inspirational follow up to a story KTVB has been following for months.

Alan Beavers was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident on August 24.

He was walking across Chinden Boulevard when he was struck by a Toyota 4Runner.

After the accident, Alan was in a coma, in the ICU with broken bones, internal injuries, and bleeding on the brain.

But on Wednesday, he was finally able to leave the hospital and return home.

It couldn't be better timing for his family, who is so thankful that he will be home with them for the holiday.

Alan was even able to walk us through his parents' home, talk to us about the accident, and share his uplifting story of his fight to get better.

It was an unforgettable moment as Beavers left Saint Alphonsus, finally heading home.

He'd been hospitalized for three months, and even celebrated his 25th birthday away from home.

Alan is now able to remember some of the moments after the accident.

It's like well the head doesn't work fully so it's trying to get more things working, said Alan.

Everything now seems to be working well for Alan. He is able to move around on his own, thankful to be out of the hospital.

It's like pretty cool being back so, said Alan.

Alan showed us his many scars, telling us he had lots of questions when he finally came out of his coma.

Now, he's thankful to finally be home to his mom's cooking and his own bedroom.

Food, some place nice to sleep, said Alan.

His dad Monty still remembers how emotional it was watching his son struggling to remember his life and understand why it suddenly changed so drastically.

I told him it's okay you're going to be fine, and you just go on, said Monty Beavers.

It's clear Alan still has more recovery ahead, but it's also clear he's ready and confident about fighting back.

I'll get there, said Alan.

For now, his family is relieved he is home for Thanksgiving, grateful for the life they almost lost.

He's a walking talking miracle and we're so glad to have him home, said Monty.

Alan will be going to therapy every day for the next several months.

He is asking about his future and getting a job, and his family is hoping for a full recovery.

They're also thankful today for all the prayers and support throughout this difficult journey.

On Thanksgiving, they plan to visit Alan's grandparents, and say it will be a holiday they'll never forget.

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