BOISE -- Saturday, Clear View Window Cleaning took one of the final steps in preparing the Eighth and Main building for opening day. They started cleaning the windows, getting one step closer to opening the building that closed the Boise Hole.

They've cleaned the windows on most of the big buildings in downtown Boise.

We do US Bank, Aspen Lofts, Wells Fargo, Idaho Power, Boise Plaza, CW Moore, University Plaza, the Zions Bank here, definitely most of them, said Christopher LaPrelle, owner of Clear View Window Cleaning.

LaPrelle said weather can be an issue, but each building has its own challenges.

Until you cycle through all the buildings, every building has its own challenges, it's own set of fatigue and wear factor, he said.

LaPrelle said one of the challenges with the Eight and Main building is the falcon at the One Capitol Center.

A falcon's been clocked at dive speeds of up to 260 miles an hour, and so with their talons if they were to get a hold of you, you'd probably have a serious situation on your hands, LaPrelle said. You probably wouldn't even make it down to the ground.

Despite the challenges, LaPrelle said it's peaceful up there.

Nobody's going to come up and tap you on the shoulder, nobody can talk to you, so you're pretty much just left alone to do the work, and the view is awesome all day long, you really can't beat it, LaPrelle said.

The Zions Bank Building will open in January.

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