BOISE - The first snow of the season hit the Treasure Valley Saturday, getting some businesses and people excited for the winter sports season.

At McU Sports on Bogus Basin Road, more snow in the air means more customers in the door.

We definitely get anticipation leading up, October, early November, but once we start really seeing the snow fly, then people get much, much more excited, said Chuck Cremer, manager with McU Sports. There's a noticeable uptick in how many people come through the doors.

So many people are bringing in skis to get tuned-up at McU Sports that they're having trouble storing all the skis. So now, if customers pick up their skis within 24 hours of getting the call that their skis are ready, they'll get a coupon for their next tune-up.

We've had a couple weak snow years in a row and everyone's really, really optimistic about a third year being a charm, said Cremer.

That is good for this small business, that depends on the weather.

As a small business, we're definitely just like farmers, we just happen to be snow farmers, Cremer said. So if there's no snow, it makes it a little bit more difficult. When we have snow it makes a it a lot more fun, and more people get up on the hill and get out and recreate in this area that we call home.

Ski shop owners are not the only ones hoping for snow. Sunday, there is the Pray for Snow party at Tom Grainey's to get everyone excited for the winter season.

Tomorrow we're going to transform this parking lot into a winter wonderland, said Cassidy Kay, General Manager at Tom Grainey's.

The Pray for Snow party will be at the parking lot at 6th and Grove. On Saturday, folks from Gateway parks started work on a rail jam. The Pray for Snow party was held inside Grainey's, but now they're bringing it outside, in hopes that will bring more people.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Bogus Basin Ski Foundation and Bogus Basin, said Kay.

With snow in the foothills, people are crossing their fingers for more snow and hoping for a great ski season.

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