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SAN ANTONIO -- First Lieutenant Micah Andersen, in a coma for weeks following the June 1 explosion in Afghanistan, was flown to the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research Burn Center at the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

His wife, Linzi Andersen, followed.

I was dropped off here in the middle of the night and had no idea where we were, said Linzi of the night she got out of an Army escort van and into a military family housing unit called the Fisher House.

It s a cozy bed and breakfast like house that has served as home base for Linzi and her 7-month-old baby boy for the last six months.

They live alongside other military families while their soldiers also heal.

It's great to have this place I can call home for a couple of months because with everything else going on at least I knew I had a roof over my head every night, Linzi said as she looked out over the Fisher House dining room.

Her days are filled with hospital visits to be by Micah's side, not to mention everything that goes along with being a new mom.

And she has managed to put up a Facebook page dedicated to her husband. She named it the Micah-Jay Fanclub page. Thousands have viewed it, and she says, it has lifted her husband's spirits.

He didn t realize how many people were thinking about him and sending him prayers and thoughts so once we started the page he was able to read the messages, and I think, it's brightened his day knowing all these people are thinking about him, said Linzi.

Social media has helped her stay in touch with the fundraising events that have happened back in her hometown of Boise. Friends and strangers alike have come together to make sure Linzi and Micah know they have an enormous support group 1,600 miles away.

For me it s cool to see that he's inspiring others, and they are inspiring us, said Linzi.

And Micah agreed saying, That amount of support blows me away still. It does help. It does help knowing that you re not fighting it all alone and that people are there with you.

The goal is for Micah is to get out of the hospital and into housing on the base shortly after the first of the year.

Linzi will be an integral part of his transition into prosthetics which will eventually allow him to walk., and he says run with Linzi, and in a few years, baby Jay.

We'll see. We'll see how fast they can keep up! laughed Micah.

The thought of beginning a new life together soon is the driving force that keeps Linzi moving forward.

We see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're going to get out of the hospital and be able to have a house and be a family, said Linzi.


Micah Andersen talks about how his wedding ring, missing for months, suddenly showed up in his hospital room. The last time he had it was in the attack outside Kandahar on June 1st.

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