BOISE -- Two EMTs are in critical condition after an accident involving their ambulance on Tuesday.

Both were volunteering, and on the way to the hospital, when an oncoming car hit the ambulance.

John Dickinson, 70, and Sandra Sova, 62, were in the back of the ambulance treating the patient.

Dickinson's daughter Jossi Kramer says both were tossed on impact.

Course the two in the back don't have security, they aren't tethered, they aren't harnessed, they were free flying, said Kramer.

The accident happened on Tuesday afternoon on Highway 95, near Cambridge.

Idaho State Police say the lights and sirens on the ambulance were on.

Kramer hopes this serves as a reminder to drivers as they approach emergency vehicles.

If they have flashing lights pull yourself over, stop, get out of the way, somebody's life could be at stake, said Kramer.

Including the lives of those trying to help, like Dickinson and Sova.

Both are still in critical condition, as their families worry about their recovery.

The unknown, how is this going to change his life and Sandy's forever? said Kramer.

As for Dickinson he's been serving others his whole life. He was a firefighter for decades in Middleton, and even a chief at one time.

His years of giving led to the dedication of a park in his name.

If someone needs something he's the one to make it happen and now we need to make it happen for him, said Kramer.

His family has faith he'll pull through, and they hope all drivers will learn from this accident.

That people will be very, very cautious of emergency vehicles, said Kramer.

Both Sova and Dickinson are at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center.

Idaho State Police are investigating the accident. Right now, no charges have been filed.

ISP say both the driver of the ambulance and the car are okay.

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