BOISE -- Boise Police received a report of an armed robbery at the Zacoalco Supermarket on West Fairview Avenue at approximately 9:11 Wednesday night.

Reynaldo Inda has owned the store for about two and a half years and said nothing like this has happened to his store.

Inda walked us through what happened that night, said he was talking with his butcher in the back of the store when it started.

I turned and I saw this guy covered with a ski mask, all dressed in black, with a gun in his hand and he asked me, 'Where's the money?' said Inda.

Inda said the man took him and the butcher to the office in the back of the store and forced Inda to open the safe. He took the money from the safe, Inda and the butcher's wallets and cell phones, and the money from the cash register up front. Then, Inda said the robber took them back to the office and took the laptop.

'He say, 'I'm going to give you five minutes. If you come out before five minutes, then we will see what happens.' And so we stayed in there, and we just called 911 and get the police here, Inda said.

Inda was robbed before when he worked at a bank in Mexico, but says this was different.

I was really scared, he said. I was thinking about my family, I was thinking about my daughter and my wife, what would happen to them if I'm gone. I was really scared.

Inda's seven years here in Idaho made him even more taken aback at what happened.

I'm surprised on how that happened here in Idaho, which is very mellow, very quiet, he said.

Inda plans to put in video surveillance, add more lights outside, and close the store earlier. He wants to make sure his employees are safe, and they can stay open for their customers.

It's something we want to provide to them because we take care of our community because our community takes care of us, said Inda.

Inda said the robber got away with about $1,000 in cash.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS

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