BOISE -- An exciting new project is in the works that will help alleviate downtown traffic.

It's called the Boise Bike Share Program.

It will include up to 140 bikes at more than a dozen locations for public use.

Unlike the unsuccessful Yellow Bike Project of the past, you will need to get a membership with the Boise Bike Share Program and give your credit card number to check-out a bike

That allows for more accountability, but program Director Dave Fotsch says otherwise, users will get 30 minutes free to ride.

The whole idea is to replace short car trips with short bike trips. It's great because it's active transportation, people are burning calories and they can go out and do this without creating additional pollution, said Fotsch.

The first phase of the Boise Bike Share program should be operational by next spring or summer.

For more information on the Boise Bike Share program click here.

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