BOISE -- As the search continues for a woman missing at Craters of the Moon National Monument, friends are remembering her friend, whose body was found on Wednesday.

Crews in helicopters and search teams on the ground with dogs are trying to find 70-year-old Amy Linkert.

They are looking in the area where they found the body of 63-year-old Dr. Jo Elliott-Blakeslee.

Authorities say the two friends went for a day hike last Thursday.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office now believes Linkert may have gotten hurt or sick, and Elliott-Blakeslee tried to get her to shelter before separating to find help, but she never made it.

A search team found her body in the rugged lava field, less than two miles from the trail, in a hard to access area.

Authorities say she died from exposure, since it was cold and windy on Thursday night, and she was found without any gear.

The 63-year-old doctor worked as a physician at the Snake River Correctional Institution, and her co-worker Cathleen Shroyer tells us she was a compassionate caregiver.

I think a lot of our staff including Jo are people who believe in delivering good quality health care regardless that they are inmates, said Shroyer.

Dr. Elliott-Blakeslee was also generous outside of work, especially to her alma mater, Idaho State University.

Pauline Thiros was a friend of Elliott-Blakeslee and saw firsthand how much she gave back to the community.

Dr. Blakeslee was a really wonderful person, super, fun to be around, always a smile, loved to participate in things and really had the spirit of service always, said Thiros.

Thiros says she gave both her time and money to the university and its students, contributing to scholarships and organizing events.

Thiros also describes Elliott-Blakeslee as an experienced outdoorsman.

Everyone is shocked and saddened by this terrible news, said Thiros.

Now her friends, co-workers and community are mourning the sudden loss of a generous and kind woman.

We will always want to hold Dr. Blakeslee up as an example to our students of what one person can achieve and how many people they can reach out and touch, said Thiros.

Search crews say there's a chance that Linkert is okay. Thursday is her 70th birthday.

They are hoping that she got to shelter since there are many caves nearby as well.

Elliott-Blakeslee won an award at Idaho State University for her service and friendship to the school.

She was a member of the Wright Community Congregational Church in Boise, where she also volunteered.

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