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BOISE -- It was an appropriate setting for a peace promoting student seminar on Tuesday, as two dozen seventh and eighth-grade students gathered at the Idaho Ann Frank Human Rights Memorial to learn how to be school peacemakers.

Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph's Catholic Schools to meet for two hours and learn about how to deal with conflict within their own classes.

School administrators participating in the program are hoping peer-to-peer student problem-solving will lead to more peaceful schools, and consequently a more peaceful Treasure Valley.

They go out, play with younger kids, watch for things from the outside, try to help kids learn how to play nicely together, said Kathleen Curtis, a school counselor and organizer for the 'Program of Peace.'

The overall goal is to create peaceful communities, said Curtis. We want peaceful schools, and as we create peaceful schools, that will make peaceful communities.

The students met for two hours for the 'Program of Peace' seminars and training. They still start implementing the program this school year.

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