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BOISE -- A Boise man has made a tradition of giving away apples from his productive apple tree, but this year someone has pilfered the tree.

Eighty-two-year-old Rod Day takes great pride in the tree he planted in his yard off Collister Drive more than a decade ago.

It normally produces upwards of seven bushels of apples each year. But Day says this year someone took a lot of the apples, leaving him with just over a bushel.

The life-long Boise resident tells us he usually gives away most of the apples to friends, family, and neighbors.

And if they ask, you know a lot of people walk by and ask if they can have an apple or two, and I always say sure go ahead. But they didn't ask this time, said Day.

Day says he doesn't want whoever stole the apples to face prosecution, but he wouldn't mind if they came by and helped out by pulling weeds.

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