MERIDIAN -- The headache that's been Meridian road construction is just about to be over. After nearly 11 months and $8.5-million, the road widening project is expected to wrap up this Thursday.

The completion is great news for businesses that primarily rely on drive-by traffic.

Bruneel Tire Factory is just one of several businesses along Meridian Road that has seen their business dip because of no traffic in front of the store.

If we don't have that drive-by traffic that's probably sixty to seventy-percent of our business every day, said Shane Crane of Bruneel Tire Factory. And without having that, we saw the impact this year.

The closures and construction has been frustrating for their customers as well.

It's been a challenge for them. Literally some days with all the work going on...they didn't know which way to come up or down, said Crane.

But now, ACHD and its contractors have worked faster than anticipated and will completely open the roads on Thursday.

To have this thing done a month ahead of schedule, that's great for me and all the other businesses down the road, said Crane.

Once the orange cones are gone and crews no longer in the area, drivers will need to adjust how to get to their favorite businesses.

We envision business to pick up. I don't know exactly how this traffic patterns, but I think it's going to be good for us once everyone gets used to it, said Crane.

While all the roads will open, there is still a little more finishing work to do throughout the area. That work, however, should not impact traffic and will be completed next month.

ACHD will join the city of Meridian to dedicate the project onThursday. That dedication is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m. at Main and King Street, at the new cross-over roadway.

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