JAMIESON, Ore. -- A picture of the two-headed calf born on Heidi Kirschbaum's farm made the local newspaper and is now circulating the internet.

The image even went to Kindergarten for her daughter's show and tell.

The female animal was reportedly born on the Kirschbaum farm just outside the tiny town of Jamieson on Monday. Heidi Kirschbaum reports the calf died shortly after birth.

The malformed head is in her freezer, for now.

What does she think of all the attention?

Well, it's our 15 minutes, Kirschbaum told KTVB. I'm kind of surprised.

Veterinarians say the deformity is rare.

They do happen, and usually it's a twin that kind of formed together, said veterinarian Katrina Abbott, who works at the nearby Vale Veterinary Clinic.

So what happens next?

Kirschbaum says she'll donate the two-headed calf to veterinary medicine, if appropriate. However, Abbott says her office likely won't be the interested party.

We already have a stuffed one -- a mounted one here in the office, Abbott toldKTVB.

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