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BOISE -- On a day when we pay tribute to our first responders, a video was released in Boise showing the danger our local firefighters face each day.

On August 1st, a Boise home at the corner of Castle Drive and Hill Road caught fire. As crews worked to put the fire out, the three-story home quickly collapsed.

Fire Captain Randy Christiansen noticed a wall bulging out less than 15 seconds before the home crashed down, and before he radioed for crews to get out.

His brother, Captain Rob Christiansen, was the one taking video on his helmet camera that night.

The impact of the collapse knocked over several firefighters, including Rob. Seconds later you can hear the fear as crews check to make sure everyone is okay.

On Wednesday, Battalion Chief Steve Rasulo walked KTVB crews back through the video of the dangerous scene.

Several crews members were in close proximity, got hit by flying debris, said Rasulo.

He was just a few feet away when the home collapsed.

It's amazing the things that go through your mind when you think there's a chance you lost somebody, said Rasulo.

Fortunately everyone made it out but Rasulo said the warning from a firefighter seconds before, saved lives.

There's a very likelihood that we could have had some people in that collapse area when it came down, said Rasulo.

The video shows a powerful perspective of the frightening risk emergency crews face each day.

I think people need to stop and think about those people who are out their protecting them and placing their lives at risk, police, fire, EMS, and military, said Rasulo.

Not everyone wears a helmet camera during a fire, but there are a few available. When they're available, crews can go back afterwards and watch the video in order to improve their tactics and response.

As for the home that collapsed, as shown in the video, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Click the play icon above to watch the incredible video of the fire fight and house collapse from the helmet cam of one of the firefighters. To see it on the app, go to the video tab.

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