NAMPA -- Dozens of law enforcement officers, including FBIagents, raided two motorcycle clubs in Nampa Wednesday night, according to Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue.

Members of the Treasure Valley Metro Violent Crime and Gang Task Force raided the Brother Speed Clubhouse, the Road Brothers Clubhouse, and also a private home. The raid happened around 8:00 p.m. Donahue says three SWATteams conducted the operation and one man was taken into custody without incident.

KTVBphotojournalist Paul Boehlke captured video at one of the locations near the corner of 15 Avenue North and 2nd Street North. Boehlke reported windows broken out and police swarming the area.

Neighbors say local police were on scene as well as undercover agents and FBI officials.

Neighbor Dylan Johnson says he saw U-haul trailer pull up, and watched law enforcement agents jump out and start throwing people to the ground.

This was crazy! Johnson said. I was just smoking a cigarette, minding my own business, and it's going down next to me. I was hitting the floor thinking gunshots.

I walked out of my front door and saw like 40 different cop cars and FBI people and SWAT people, said neighbor Tyffani Page.

Page said she watched police question several bikers, confiscate their vests and patches, and eventually let them ride away on their motorcycles.

It's the northside, she told KTVB with a sigh. What's to be surprised about? It happens all the time. It's the neighborhood.

Neighbor Cache Atkinson says she was surprised by police flash-bang grenades, which she thought were smoke bombs or gunshots.

While I was walking to the corner, I heard they let off that smoke bomb and I thought it was a gun shot at first, Atkinson told KTVB. It scared me so I got the kids inside and then walked to the corner, and you could just see all the undercover cops and stuff with masks banging down the doors.

SheriffDonahue says the contents of the search warrants are sealed, but did confirm the single suspect arrested was taken in on federal charges.

As for the Brothers Speed and and Road Brothers gangs, Donahue says they've been a thorn in the side of law enforcement for quite a while.

We've had dealings with them for a significant number of years, Donahue told KTVB.

Donahue says more details will be released Thursday morning by the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Idaho.

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