BOISE -- Dozens of pilots, spectators, and members of the media gathered for day one of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

They'd hoped to lauch around 15 hot-air balloons as part of the kickoff to the 5-day event. However, rain and gusty winds put a damper on their plans.

KTVB meteorologists Larry Gebert and Jim Duthie helped organizers predict weather conditions for the launch. Pilots gathered for several briefings throughout the morning.

Due to gusty winds, the group initially planned to inflate, then tether the balloons with secure lines at the park. However, after a moderate amount of rain, organizers decided to cancel the event for Wednesday, and attempt flight Thursday morning instead.

Despite the bad news, those who gathered for the event still got (much smaller) helium-filled balloons handed out by KTVB staffers. Kids made the best of it, while some folks relaxed and watched the sunrise.

The Spirit of Boise BalloonClassic is scheduled through Sunday, with plenty more chances for folks to see up to 40 balloons take flight over the TreasureValley.

Read our event guide here.

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