MERIDIAN -- A bizarre rampage on Wednesday left behind many victims, including two men severely beaten who are still recovering in the hospital.

Meridian Police say a man under the influence of drugs, violently attacked several people, and terrorized a neighborhood.


Police tell us the suspect is 23-year-old Sean Carnell from Meridian.

Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea says Carnell was arrested around 11 a.m. Wednesday on several charges.

According to court documents, he's now charged with battery, robbery, second-degree kidnapping, battery with the intent to commit a serious felony, cruelty to animals, malicious injury to property, and other related charges.

His bail was set at $1 million and he was appointed a public defender during a video arraignment Wednesday afternoon.

Police tell us Carnell was under the influence of illicit drugs during the incident.

We've also learned that he was on supervised probation when all this happened, and he admitted in court he has mental health issues.

He also has a criminal history including theft, drug, and alcohol charges.


Police tell us the rampage started at Tully Park around 9:30 a.m. That's when they say Carnell punched a 15-year-old boy in the face several times and then stole his skateboard.

After leaving the skate park, Carnell is then believed to have attacked a cyclist on a nearby bike path, knocking him unconscious.

That man was later found by a woman walking on the path. Police are still looking for any information or witnesses to connect this victim to the suspect.

Police say Carnell then confronted a 10-year-old boy who was riding his bike with his dog. Police say Carnell yelled at the boy and kicked his dog in the front leg and ribs, and then walked away.

Basterrechea says Carnell then made his way to an apartment complex near 8th Street.

That's where he's accused of beating a construction worker with a shovel, injuring the man in the head and back.

Fellow worker Trevor McMillan tells us that victim is Mike Rice.

McMillan says Carnell surprised Rice while he was working in a ditch. The guy came up behind him and took the shovel sideways to him and hit him right here across the face two times, and hit him again.

We're told Rice is now in fair condition at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. McMillan says he has several broken bones in his face along with an injured spine.

Police tell us the 23-year-old then forced his way into an apartment where he attacked a 36-year-old woman.

Basterrechea says he tried to strangle the woman, but was interrupted by the woman's teenage daughter and her boyfriend who called 911.

Police say once Carnell left the apartment, he approached a 45-year-old man in wheelchair down the street and tried to kidnap him. Officers say Carnell told the man he was coming with him, but eventually tipped the man over near the 1100 block of 8th Street.

He started reading parts of the Bible to him and started asking him why he's in a wheelchair, kept saying why, why, why, said the guy made no sense, said McMillan.

Next, Melissa Garcia tells us Carnell starting throwing things through the front door and a window of her home. She says the suspect broke several windows and scared Garcia, who was the only one home at the time.

She tells us she was shocked to hear about all the victims involved in the incident.

How can you do that to someone, you know? I don't know, it just doesn't make sense to me, said Garcia.

McMillan says that's when he first noticed Carnell, and yelled at him to stop breaking the windows.

McMillan tells us Carnell then turned and threw a rock at McMillan, which barely missed his head.

I don't think he had a clue where he was or who he was, it was crazy. He wanted blood, looked like he was hungry for blood, said McMillan.

McMillan and several other co-workers chased Carnell until police arrived. That was around 11 a.m., about 90 minutes after the rampage began.

Basterrechea says the incident is unusual. This is like nothing I've ever seen since I've been a police officer just one crime after another basically just terrorizing an entire neighborhood.

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