BOISE -- People weren't the only ones evacuated in the Wood River Valley, animals from the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley were also evacuated as the Beaver Creek Fire got close to the shelter.

On Wednesday, we checked in with the Idaho Humane Society in Boise where more than a dozen dogs went looking for new Treasure Valley homes.

Well some dogs came in from The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley on Saturday, and were adopted even already as early as Sunday. So, I believe that six of those dogs that originally that came from that group of 10 have been adopted, said Hannah Parpart, communication outreach for the Idaho Humane Society.

The Humane Society says its worked with the shelter of the Wood River Valley before, so they were happy to help with their emergency.

The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley website says that all of their animals are safe and the main facility is OK, but there is still no word on when the shelter will re-open.

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