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STAR, Idaho - It's an unlikely place to find a 3,000-pound iron beam from the former World Trade Center in New York City.

However, Montry Smith's custom trailer business on Knox Street has been the proud home of Boise's future 9/11 memorial while it has taken shape in the last year.

That's where Smith -- the fabricator -- has worked alongside artist Amber Conger to sculpt large, stainless steel rings around this visceral relict from ground zero.

Everybody walks up to the beam, Smith says, describing the connection he has with this raw hunk of metal that was twisted out of shape in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

It puts into context the size of the buildings, Montry adds. It's like a toothpick compared to a redwood.

Physically, the piece of metal Conger selected for the memorial is very large. The beam is nearly 2-inches thick and weighs as much as a compact car. The surface dents show how it was sheered and melted as the twin towers exploded and collapsed.

In contrast, the symmetrical stainless steel rings that frame and hold the piece couldn't be any different.

I really felt like it was important to let the beam be what it is, Conger told KTVB.

Conger says the rings are meant to evoke ripples in a pond.They're also used to physically hold the massive piece of metal. The goal has been to display the beam so its symbolism is left to open interpretation.

Her creation will eventually find its way to Boise's Riverside Park just off Americana Boulevard. It will be dedicated during a special ceremony in conjunction with the Boise Fire Department. The exact time has yet to be scheduled.

The following businesses and organizations helped to make the memorial possible:

  • Jensen-Belts Associates -- site plan/design
  • Bricon Construction -- landscaping & concrete work
  • Locsha Engineering -- all Engineering of the sculpture & naming wall
  • Blake Trailers & Fabrication -- fabrication of sculpture & name wall
  • Intermountain Crane Specialties -- installation of sculpture & name wall
  • Idaho Power -- concrete pads that form the walking path
  • Amber Conger, via Refinerii studio -- concept design & project oversight for the sculpture & name wall

The project was initiated through Boise Parks & RecreationDepartment.

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