McCALL, Idaho -- There's a new state record for one of the largest fish you can hook in Idaho waters.

We're talking about the hybrid tiger muskellunge, of course.

These giant members of the pike family are a cross between standard muskies and northern pike. They also routinely grow to over 20 pounds, and feed on a diet of smaller fish (and even other muskies).

Idaho's record tiger muskie had previously stood at 38 pounds. It's now a whopping 44-pounds thanks to a huge catch on August 6th.

Fisherman Edward Kalinowski of New Meadows has the picture to prove it.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says Kalinowski landed the tiger muskie in Little Payette Lake on 12-pound test line. He was reportedly using a neon magic lure.

The huge fish weighed in at 44. 26 pounds and measured 52.5 inches long, with a 25-inch girth.

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