CASCADE-- According to authorities, Amber Alert teen Hannah Anderson has been found safe, and suspect James DiMaggio is dead after being shot by an FBIagent.

Authorities say they moved into an area where they suspected DiMaggio to be, after an agency plane saw two people matching DiMaggio and Hannah's description.

Smoke from nearby wildfires made flying difficult in that particular area, so an FBI hostage rescue team was sent in to get Hannah while they still could.

Due to the steep and rugged terrain, helicopters had to drop off two of those rescue groups far way from Morehead Lake. It took those teams two hours to hike up to the lake and surround DiMaggio's campsite.

The teams waited until DiMaggio and Hannah were separated from each other, then moved in as fast as possible to get in and grab her.

The FBI Evidence Response Team is expected to work with San Diego County detectives to process the crime scene at the site of the rescue.

Authorities say an FBI Shooting Review Team is on their way to Cascade from bureau headquarters in Washington D.C. to review what happened in the rescue, and talk to witnesses involved.

When kidnappings like this occur, no one ever really knows where the investigation will lead, said Mary Rook, FBI special agent in charge. In this case, our team faced a very challenging situation.


The San Diego County Sheriff's Office held a press conference at around 6:15 p.m. to make the announcement that DiMaggio was dead and Hannah had been found. The found both of them just north of Morehead Lake, in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area.

In the press conference, Sheriff William Gore admitted he had hoped DiMaggio would be brought into custody, but that did not happen.


Authorities in Cascade also held a press conference at around 7:30 p.m. At that conference, Salt Lake City FBIAgent Mary Rook announced they found Hannah and DiMaggio at a campsite near Morehead. Rook said their agents worked tirelessly to find Hannah, and that she was removed from the area by helicopter.

Aspecial investigative team will now come in and interview agents that participated in the search and rescue, about the shooting death of DiMaggio.

Valley County Sheriff Patti Bolen said members of the community and local agencies contributed to the search and rescue of Hannah Anderson.

Acting public information officer for Valley County,Andrea Dearden said Hannah was found in good health but will still be taken to an Idaho hospital. Hannah will be accompanied with victim witness counselors.

Dearden thanked the public for the many tips they were given from the start of the search.

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