BREMERTON, Wash. - An iPhone thief accidentally posted a picture of himself on his victim s Facebook page shortly after the crime, catching the attention of an entire community.

At some point I lost track of it and it was gone, said Jeannie Allen, victim.

According to Allen, the theft happened last week while shooting a promotional video for the Kitsap Regional Library.

There were pictures of my daughter, work e-mails, personal e-mails, I live on my cell phone, she said.

Panicked about her sensitive information in the criminal s hands, Allen went to a friend s nearby business for help.

He said Jeannie, someone s got your phone, said Allen.

The thief, who now had access to everything about her, posted a picture of himself on her Facebook page.

I think he thought it was his Facebook page, she said.

The apparent thief hopped a ferry and decided to tell friends about it.

The caption was ya know on the ferry,' said Allen.

By that point, an app installed on her phone allowed her to remotely erase everything on it.

That s when Allen s friends decided to have fun with the situation. They put captions that read Cell phone thief and needs belt worse than phone, on the picture and posted it on a local neighborhood Facebook page.

My friends have a good sense of humor, said Allen.

The post went viral and has been shared by more than 130 people so far, turning the petty crime in a case of catch the crook.

It was a $300 mistake, that s how I see it, said Allen.

Community members have posted about several sightings of the man. Bremerton Police are investigating the incident, but so far, haven t found him.

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