BOISE -- Idaho Lottery returned record dividends to the state adding up to $48,200,000, the largest return ever in Idaho's 24-year lottery history.

The lottery dividend increased by more than $7 million from last year. Lotto officials say this year's dividend is a result of the second, consecutive year of record-breaking sales by1,200 retailers statewide.

The multi-millions were presented to Governor Otter on Tuesday and are expected to help the Department of Education, the State's Permanent Building Fund, and the Bond Levy Equalization Fund.

I'm very grateful for their operation and the people that run the lottery out there, and the great job that they're doing successfully, said Gov. Otter. And also, appreciate the people of the state of Idaho who participate in the lottery.

With this year's record dividend, Idaho Lottery has now returned $600,500,000 to the state, since it's beginnings on July 19, 1989.

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