CALDWELL -- Firefighters say hot outdoor temperatures and flames are a dangerous combination, and that's exactly what they had to face Wednesday evening at house fire in Caldwell.

Firefighters pulled up to see smoke pouring out of the home on East Chicago Street and North 7th Avenue, just before 6 p.m.

The Caldwell Fire Department requested the assistance of five other agencies because they were worried about the safety of their firefighters.

The weather always makes this difficult, said Terry Gammel with Caldwell Fire Department. That's why we called out for additional crews, so that we can rehab our personnel quickly, get them into the area quickly, get them out of the area quickly and recycle them as appropriate.

Fire investigators have not been able to determine how the fire started at this time.

The Americian Red Cross is providing the three adults and four children that lived in the home with money for food, clothing, and other immediate needs, as well as four nights at a local hotel.

Video of the fire courtesy Traci Gennette Kinghorn / KTVB Facebook

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