MELBA, Idaho -- The cherry on top for the Melba Olde Tyme Fourth of July Celebration -- an all-day family event -- is the fireworks.

KTVB caught up with the local pyrotechnics who spent a long time getting ready for the event.

For 25 years Ron Wright of Melba has been fascinated with fireworks, setting them up and training other volunteers to help him out. In part, the volunteers do the fireworks just to keep the town's Olde Tyme Fourth of July Celebration going.

It's a real important part for me, said Wright, who's the head pyrotechnician. I helped, along with many others in the community, organize this event in order to save the day.

In his 25 years of keeping fireworks fans happy, Wright says a lot has changed.

For us, we've come a long way from just setting them in racks and lighting them one after the other, to going to including music in the program, punctuating it with special shots to fill the sky at the big moments the music calls for, Wright said.

Wright and the other volunteers say this year, as always, they planned some special effects, but of course there was also a new twist.

We have some what we call fireballs, and also ghost mines that are like explosions you might see in a movie. We set that to music as well. That's something the crowd enjoys. Usually they can feel it for two or three blocks, or more, Wright said.

When we interviewed him, Wright wouldn't give away all of his secrets. Instead, he just promised a great show.

That's the main thing is to give the people kind of a ride. You know, that we have ups and downs, and maybe even feel like we did an encore at the end, Wright said.

This fireworks show includes more than 1,200 effects. Wright says he works hard to give a variety of fireworks from low waterfalls to high aerials, and of course those fireballs.

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