BOISE -- The Fourth of July is next week, and that means a lot of folks are heading out of town and hitting the road. If you're planning a trip, there are some things you should do before you go.

Experts say a little maintenance and some preparations can keep you safe and maybe even save you a little money.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests getting a maintenance check-up on your car. Make sure things are working properly before you head out of town and away from your favorite mechanic. In this heat, you will definitely want to check on your cooling system and the air conditioner.

We spoke to Charlie Bass, who works for Michelin Tire, about pre-trip tips.

Summer is a big time in the tire industry. It's when a lot of people take trips and they go on the road, said Bass.

Bass said there are two main things to do for your tires in the summer: check air pressure and tire rotation.

When your air pressure is not set properly, the vehicle won't handle properly. That's why it's so important to make sure you have your air pressure checked, he said.

He said proper air pressure will not only keep you safe, but also get you better gas mileage. He said tire rotation is important, too.

One, it lets you know if you have any mechanical issues with your vehicle. But mainly, it's to maintain the ride of your tires and help them wear evenly, Bass said.

Keep in mind, there may be people out biking or hiking near the road. The Travel Channel advises folks to keep an emergency kit in their car. For your summer emergency kit, make sure to include water, for your radiator and for yourself.

Also remember, some cars need seasonal tires, summer and winter, while others can keep the same ones all year round.

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