NAMPA -- Nampa school board members approved teacher contracts, meaning their budget is now balanced.

Nampa school board members passed teacher contracts, after hours of emotional negotiations with the Nampa Education Association (NEA).

The Nampa school district presented a proposal to the NEA, and on Friday morning, the NEA came back with a counter offer.

The teachers union agreed on 14 furloughs days, but they're asking for a pay increase.

It does not mean I deserve the disrespect that I am receiving, and that this team is receiving. We came here to work, we came here to move and make an agreement on something, said NEA President Mandy Simpson.

I'm sorry you feel like you were disrespected, I can tell you that we have worked very hard to put together the best proposal that could be brought, said Nampa School District Attorney Amy White.

The board passed teacher contracts that include 14 furloughs days, no pay increase, and keep the health benefits the same.

The contracts are due on Monday, but the board chairman tells us they will continue to negotiate with NEA and can amend those contracts at a later date.

Board Chairman Scott Kido says the negotiations aren't over yet.

I think it is a relief in that there is something, but we are not done, and we are going to do everything we possibly can to take as good of care of our teachers and our employees as we possibly can, said Kido.

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