CALDWELL -- A Caldwell man is accused of attacking two police officers after he unsuccessfully tried to shoot two people in the the front yard of a Caldwell home early Thursday morning.

Caldwell Police say 32-year-old Ruben Hall reportedly tried to shoot a man and a woman during a domestic dispute on the 3400 block of Sage Drive just after 12:38 a.m.

Lieutenant Devin Riley told KTVB that Hall's gun malfunctioned during the shooting, likely saving the lives of his two victims.

We believe he was putting in the wrong ammunition, and that's why it malfunctioned, Riley said, adding The people were very lucky to be alive.

Riley also said the first officer who responded to the call found 32-year-old Hall -- who reportedly weighs 295 pounds -- physically fighting with the man and woman he had previously tried to shoot.

What's more, Riley says Hall immediately attacked that officer and wrestled him to the ground, subduing him until another officer responded moments later.

Police say both officers then worked to arrest Hall, who was then taken to an area hospital to be treated for injuries sustained during his arrest.

Riley says both officers are lucky to only have suffered bumps and bruises in the ordeal.

Police also say the woman Hall allegedly tried to shoot somehow took away his gun, and that she immediately surrendered it to officers. They did not specify what type of gun, or what caliber bullet, was used in the alleged attack.

Hall was eventually charged with two counts of felony aggravated assault and felony resisting arrest. Police say more charges are pending.

He's currently in the Canyon County Jail.

Police believe alcohol was involved.

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