A year and half before Susan Powell disappeared, she shot home video documenting all of her family's personal belongings to cover all my bases that if something happens to me or my family that our assets are documented.

West Valley City Police released the video and thousands of documents and photos that were part of their missing person's case file, when they announced the end to their active investigation this week.

Powell says she shot the video on July 29, 2008, a year and half before she disappeared. At the end of the home video, Powell points the camera at herself.

Hope everything works out and that we all live happily ever after as much as possible, she says as she rolls her eyes.

Along with the home video found in her safety deposit box, were notes indicating she was thinking about divorce, custody, and visitation.

In a handwritten last will and testament dated near the same time as the home video, she writes for mine and my children's safety, I feel the need to have a paper trail at work, which would not be accessible to my husband.

I want it document somewhere that there is extreme turmoil in our marriage.

On the second page she writes, If I die, it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one. Take care of my boys. I wanted my parents [name redacted] Chuck Cox, very involved and in charge of their lives.

She ends the message in the margin, by writing I love you [two names redacted]. I'm sorry you've seen how wrong/messed up our marriage is. I would never leave you.

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