BOISE -- A procedure that helps restore a patient's normal heartbeat is helping change lives here in the Treasure Valley.

The procedure is called Sterotaxis and is offered by Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center inBoise, among other hospitals.

Patient Jenni Herberg is a triathlete who suffered for years before receiving a Stereotaxis treatment.

Herberg suffered from a type of irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation. She was amazed at how quickly Stereotaxis fixed her condition.

When I was 35-years-old, I went into atrial fibrillation and couldn't get out. They shocked my heart three times, Herberg told KTVB.

Herberg says she refused to get a pacemaker to help the heart arrhythmia that ran in her family. However, she found that over the years she couldn't stay active due to the condition and she gained nearly 30 pounds.

The last year I had really been struggling with my heart, not able to run anymore; hadn't been able to do a triathlon in nearly 2 years, said Herberg.

In January, she went to Dr. Rakesh Pai, who suggested Stereotaxis. The procedure uses robotic controlled magnets to help restore the heart's normal rhythm.

We are not necessarily going to tell you you are going to live longer, but it's really about protecting your quality of life, enjoying the things you like to do, says Dr. Pai.

Herberg tells us she recovered from the procedure within a few days and is already racing again.

This procedure has just really changed the way I see that I'm going to be able to lead my life again and do the things I love to do, said Herberg.

Herberg has her three month follow up on Tuesday, and is scheduled to be off all medication for the first time in years. She's a registered nurse, and says she was surprised to find this advanced technology offered right here in Boise.

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center first began offering the Stereotaxis procedure in December of 2011. Since then, more than 200 patients have taken advantage of the procedure.

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