EAGLE -- The Eagle bond to buy, instead of lease, City Hall is back on the ballot this Tuesday.

It was on the ballot in November, but the results were invalidated. That's because 27 people got the wrong ballot and the measure failed by 25 votes. That means some people got a ballot with the City Hall question on it when they shouldn't have, or didn't get a ballot with that question on it when they should have.

Why all the confusion? Chief Deputy Clerk of District Court Phil McGrane says it can be confusing for a poll worker because the taxing district map of Eagle and Meridian looks like an unfinished puzzle. There are numerous pockets all over the city of people who can't vote in city elections.

McGrane said the complication arose after years of development changes on various parcels of land.

If there's residential, if it's not a business, it was a farm. The farmer didn't want to be annexed. The city didn't annex them. So they kind of had a mutual agreement, McGrane said. The problem is since then the farmer has sold his land. It's been developed. There are homes there. These people don't pay taxes. They don't live in the city. They don't get to vote on city issues even though if you look at some of these pockets, City Hall is right around there.

To try to combat the confusion, Ada County will be running a pilot program in Eagle. Poll workers will use laptops to make sure that everyone gets the right ballot.

For more on the election, including interviews with the candidates and sample ballots, click on our Voter Guide.

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