BOISE Boise Police have arrested a 29-year-old man they believe committed more than two dozen burglaries at small businesses in the area.

David Scott Campbell was arrested this afternoon at his Boise home and booked into the Ada County Jail. He is charged with felony burglary, and detectives say more charges are likely.

Investigators say the first burglary occurred on Jan. 8, 2013 and between then and March 20, 2013 there were 29 similar burglaries at small businesses. In most cases, cash was taken from the business.

Detectives say they got a break in the case when Campbell was linked to the use of a debit card stolen from one of the businesses.

We need to thank these small business owners and managers who reported the thefts quickly. Their timely reporting allowed us to establish patterns, uncover evidence, and ultimately make an arrest, said Boise Police Sgt. Brian Lee. The reporting of just one of these crimes in late March provided the break we needed to help solve 25 other cases.

Detectives believe that they have evidence that links Campbell to 26 of the 30 commercial burglaries reported during that two-month period. The investigation is ongoing.

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