BOISE -- It's been a month of hard work for the staff at the Idaho Humane Society as they work to rehabilitate 14 abused dogs found at the scene of a triple homicide in Eastern Idaho.

The Oneida County Sheriff said the investigation into last month's triple murder near Holbrook is moving forward, but the secretive world of illegal dog fighting is among the obstacles making it difficult to solve.

However, humane society representatives are making progress in adopting out the dogs. Idaho Humane Society volunteer Jennifer Graham calls it baby steps.

They are social with people -- but you know -- most of them have never been in a car, never been in a house, so all of those things are new ... said Graham.

Graham said the dogs don t know what it s like to be a part of a family, but they have the potential to.

An Idaho couple, who asked KTVB not to give out their last name, took home the first of the society's 14 pitbulls to be adopted on Sunday.

Kyle and Janet have always been lovers of the pit bull breed. Six months ago, they lost their own pit bull to old age. Ready to adopt again, they found Tess.

I think we just connected to her. said Janet. Yeah we are one of the first to rescue one.

We thought this would be a great opportunity to come down and see what kind of dogs they had available, said Kyle. They are just excellent, excellent pets just like our dog that we lost.

Graham tells us these pit bulls have been through a lot. These dogs are learning new things everyday and to be a part of that has been amazing, she said.

However, Kyle and Janet already are familiar with the breed, which makes things easier.

It was just an instant connection. I knew she was going to be the one that they picked, said Graham. She said now that this match has been made, there are 13 other pit bulls also ready for a new home.

The Idaho Humane Society is looking for adoptive families who can commit and be patient with the dogs. For more information, call the society's Boise location at 208-342-3508.

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