BOISE The 31st annual Paint the Town is just around the corner. KTVB meet up with one of this year's lucky recipients who was brought to tears when she found out she's about to get a fresh coat of paint on her home.

Ella Andregg has lived in her home in Boise's North End for almost 60 years.

The poor old house needs it. It needs a paint job, said Andregg, standing outside her 100-year-old home.

The last time it had a real paint job was 15 years ago when Ella did it herself. But a misstep a few years back while climbing a ladder sent her to the ground, and eventually the hospital, with a banged up shoulder.

So they say stay off the ladder, said Andregg.

That's why her daughter and another neighbor nominated her for Paint the Town. She's a widow, with a big heart, living off a fixed income.

They didn't tell me nothing about it because if I didn't get selected they didn't want me to feel bad, said Andregg.

She got the call a few days ago and cried the whole night.

Because I was excited, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe. I thought of all the people in Boise, and I got selected? said Andregg.

It's like winning the lottery for them, said Gina Lyon with Neighborhood Housing Services.

Lyon is the person who called Ella and will be the person who calls the other 40 to 60 lucky recipients who will get their homes painted. The painting will be done by 2,000 to 3,000 volunteers.

We just couldn't make it work that way because we are a small organization of 12 people and we couldn't paint as many homes as we do without them, said Lyon.

In the 31 years NHS has done Paint the Town, volunteers have painted more than 3,000 homes.

It's just paint, but it's so much more for these seniors, said Lyon.

I'm happy. I'm happy because the old house needs it and I've always tried to take care of it, but I'm kind of getting slower, said Andregg.

Gina Lyon will select the remaining recipients Friday and notify them sometime next week. Paint the Town is on June 8.

For more information on Paint the Town click here.

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