BOISE -- We're learning more about the man who police say raped and killed Kay Lynn Jackson on April 5, 1998. Patrick Jon Zacharias is currently serving a life sentence for lewd conduct with a minor. Court documents tell us he has lived in Boise since 1993, he has family here and he has a daughter.

After the 1998 rape and murder of Kay Lynn Jackson, police made an exhaustive search for her killer, but had little to go on. If you look at the police sketch of who they thought might have done it, and a booking photo of Zacharias in 1998, you can see how different they are.

But, police did take a DNA sample from the scene. In 2007, a DNA sample was taken from Patrick Jon Zacharias, who was already in prison. Wednesday, police announced that those DNA samples matched. It took years to connect because Idaho State Police had to clear a backlog of DNA tests at the state lab.

Zacharias is now charged with rape and first-degree murder. He was already serving a life sentence with no chance for parole because he pleaded guilty to lewd conduct with a minor.

Judge Cheri Copsey said a fixed life sentence was necessary for Zacharias because There is nothing in the pre-sentence report or in his evidence to suggest he will ever present a manageable risk to our society.

We talked to a friend of Kay Lynn, Becky Duggan, about the filing of these charges 15 years after the murder. I feel a little bit in shock, said Duggan. It was something that none of us had any idea that it was going to ever be resolved.

Duggan says she feels relief and closure but that it's also bittersweet with all the old emotions brought back up. Despite that, she believes it's time to heal. Now we need to move on, find forgiveness, and let go of any bitterness or anger that we might have.

Right now, Zacharias is in the Ada County Jail. He's scheduled to be back in court Friday when he may enter a plea on the rape and murder charges.

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