NAMPA -- Officers are warning the public about the dangers of homemade bombs containing cleaning products after a 13-year-old found one of the devices over the weekend.

Police say the 13-year-old's father came to the Nampa Police Department to report the bomb.

It was a kid that went out and found it. I guess the dad saw him before it went off, Nampa Police Sergeant Tim Randall said of this weekend's incident.

Randall told KTVB similar bombs are often made of plastic two-liter soda bottles packed with drain cleaner and other chemicals.

Typically it's pranks, Randall said. They put it in a mailbox to blow it up, or put it on a front door step.

While the bombs are typically meant to be mischievous, Randall says these explosive devices can seriously hurt people, burning eyes, skin, and blowing off fingers.

Police say the key to avoid injury is staying away from any plastic bottles that look misshapen, foamy, bloated, or otherwise ready to explode. They warn to stay away from these plastic bottles if they appear in your yard or mailbox. They say even the slightest movement may cause the devices to go off.

Police say it's a felony to make or possess these types of explosives.

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