BOISE -- It was business as usual inside Westside Drive-In Sunday -- There were customers, orders, and burgers.

But outside, it was an entirely different story. It was the annual OATHS fundraiser, where a portion of the proceeds, donations, and all the employees' tips go to the charity.

OATHS stands for Organization Assisting the Homeless Student.

They're in this situation, and the only way to get out is education, said Rebecca Fitz, one of the mostly student volunteers for OATHS.

Over three years, the organization has already raised $70,000, and helped 750 homeless students. They buy things that many students might take for granted, like books, clothes, musical instruments, and athletic equipment.

It's such a great thing to give them the tools they need, and then for them to take it to the next level, said Fitz.

But, there's still an estimated 2,500 homeless students in the valley, which is why it was so important that the fundraiser was also at Westside's other location on State Street.

You go down to the homeless shelters, and you see how big of an impact it is, and they are just so appreciative of what you do, said Megan Nicola, another OATHS student volunteer.

Shea Siegert is also an OATHS student volunteer, and says the work is inspiring.

We went down to Payless Shoes, and we bought the kids shoes, said Siegert. And, one kid goes, 'I gotta get cheaper shoes, because we can't afford these.' I was like, 'You can get whatever you want. Get the shoes that you want, that are cool, and everything else.' And his face just lit up.

Clint Webb was just one of many who donated Sunday. He gave $100. When you give of yourself, and give to others, you see goodwill. You see God work in people's lives. And, it makes you feel good.

But no matter how much was donated, it all went to helping students who need it the most.

This is really what I want to carry on throughout my life, said Siegert.

OATHS was started by Ben Skinner, who's now a Freshman at Georgetown University. He's started a chapter there, as well. And, other students have talked about starting their own OATHS chapters, at the colleges they go off to.

For more information on OATHS, or to apply for help, you can go to their website.

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