BOISE -- A dozen teams from across the West, including Boise State, were in Meridian and Boise this weekend, for the USA Ultimate Frisbee Northwest Regional.

The game is a soccer-football mix, but with a disc, instead of a ball.

The two top teams will going to Wisconsin to play in the Championships.

Boise State was eliminated in a close loss to Whitman College. But, BSU Co-Captain Matt Gossard said the team had a strong showing, especially considering they only started playing three years ago.

Gossard says the sport is really catching on. This tournament used to get six teams, now it's up to 12, meaning the teams have doubled since four or five years ago and the high school league is now picking up in Boise too.

Over 12,000 student athletes on more than 700 college teams from across North America entered the USA Ultimate College Championship Series in early April.

Today, Oregon and Washington were the two teams to advance to the championship round.

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