BOISE -- Investigators are looking into several small trash can fires set in a parking garage on the Boise State University campus Sunday.

Firefighters were called to a reported fire on the upper level of the Lincoln Avenue parking garage at about 3:45 p.m.

We started walking the stairwells and found multiple fires in every single stairwell in the parking garage and most of them were on the fourth and fifth levels of the garage, said Boise Fire Capt. Chris Campbell.

Firefighters found a total of eight fires - six in stairwells and two in garbage cans, Campbell said. Investigators think the same person in responsible for all the fires.

Boise Police Spokesperson Lynn Hightower said the fires could be related to several started back in October, but there isn't a firm link between the two incidents.

It's being investigated as an arson, Hightower told KTVB.

Two cars were damaged on October 11 when fires were started on top of the BoiseState University Lincoln Parking Garage.

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